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Wondlan LE-401 Leopard IV Steadycam Standaard

Wondlan LE-401 Leopard IV Steadycam Standaard
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Steadicam (stabilization system of video camera) came out in America in 1970s. With continuous development of years, Steadicam has been widely used in film, TV, sports, stage performance and wedding markets. Middle-end and professional users' demand to Steadicam also grows rapidly, which is necessary corollary equipment in film, video and other professional fields.

With tool-free installing and adjusting, easy operation and excellent stability, Wondlan "Leopard" series Steadicam will make a storm at professional Steadicam market with its attractive appearance, superior materials, light weight and high intensity.
Based on the older editions, Wondlan has developed new Leopard I and Ⅱ Steadicam, which feature wider bearing ranges and scalable carbon fiber posts; further, the Leopard Ⅱ is equipped with cables for power, HDMI and AV, to meet various shooting demands. 

Type                                               Bearing Range
Leopard IV (standard edition)     1kg-7.5kg
Leopard IV (deluxe edition)         6kg-15kg

Steadicam Leopard IV Carbon Fiber (Standard Edition)


  1. High-intensity and light-weight aerial aluminum alloy processed by CNC is used to make the main part of the arm;
  2. 26 high-quality precision bearing are installed at joints of the arm, to achieve simple adjusting and easy operating;
  3. Double-section and double-spring structure is adopted to support large scope of weight. Elasticity adjusting button can control the length of springs, to adjust the bearing;
  4. Thanks to its ultra-wide range of bearing, each section of the arm can be used to easily adjust the load of spring, which can bear a maximum of 7.5kg of equipment;
  5. Bore size of the plug of spring arm is 16mm, matching special stabilizer of Wondlan to achieve multiple-angle shooting. 

Weight: 3kg.

Load Vest

  1. Comfortable and air-permeable high-end composite materials and ergonomic design are adopted to bear the weight of Steadicam evenly from all positions;
  2. Heights of front chest plate and height adjusting plate of the vest can both be adjusted, and each fastening position can be adjusted freely, to bring wide scope of application;
  3. The vest can be put on and adjusted without any tool, making it simple and easy to use, so that workforce and time are saved and shooting efficiency is increased;
  4. Hasps of the vest are all made of special materials, which feature strong bearing capacity, and a tool kit is allocated on the back to make shooting easier.

Weight: 6.5kg

Professional stabilizer

  1. Light-weight carbon fiber is used to make the main part of stabilizer, making hand-holding easy and comfortable;
  2. The carbon fiber main post is scalable in the scope of 550-950mm, increasing the power weight ratio;
  3. Proprietary “double-direction precision fine tuning head” of Wondlan is easy to install, and flexible to adjust all around;
  4. Special universal joint of Steadicam features high-precision and low-friction, allowing smoother shooting and more flexible operating;
  5. I-type straight bar can be rotated freely in all directions, both horizontally and vertically, to achieve all-round smooth shooting;
  6. Monitor bracket that can be adjusted in all directions is applicable in all kinds of environment, bringing clear and simple vision. 

Weight: 1.5kg

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